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God, Guns & Guts at the Green Mountain Boys machine gun shoot 2013

Green Mtn Boys

For the second year in a row, God, Guns & Guts recently attended the Green Mountain Boys annual machine gun shoot at Camp David in Eden, Vermont. It was a great weekend. Thank you to everyone who organized it and attended.

I decided to bring model Alexandra Pilon down from Montreal. Ok, she turned out to be a little distracting on the firing line. But it worked out perfectly in the end. Everyone wanted to be photographed with her and she got to shoot some machine guns which she had never done before. Being new to the gun world, she was hooked. Best of all, she got to fire Dom Spano’s bad-ass M41 tank. How many people can say they’ve done that? Click on the link below to see the tank in action.

Alex firs the M41

Alex firs the M41

I invite you all to tune into the TV show I helped create and spent the last four months producing. It’s called God, Guns & Automobiles and it airs on History Channel Monday nights at 9C/10P. It was inspired by my book God, Guns & Guts and stars the man on the cover Mark Muller and his brother Mancow also appears inside. It’s an upbeat show that embodies the values and spirit of the heartland of America. You can watch previously aired episodes online here.

Lastly, if you would like to pick up a signed and numbered copy of my book God, Guns & Guts for yourself or as a gift for someone else, it’s on sale on Amazon or on my book’s website here.

book fb

Below are a few of the photographs I took at the Green Mountain Boys annual machine gun shoot. Enjoy. Semper Fi. (click on the images to make them bigger)

Williams Mafia © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

The Williams Machine Gun Mafia.

Patriotic Tattoo © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

Andy William’s patriotic tattoo.

Nice Shot © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts


Mike Garcia © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

Mike Garcia firing his MAC-11.

HK Tattoo © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

Andy William’s HK tattoo.

HK auto © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

This gun was FAST.

Group Shot2 © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

The gang on Dom Spano’s M41 tank.

Group Shot © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

Rich Scheidel, Alexandra Pilon and Pete Spring.

Full Auto © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts


Fireball © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

Bob Skory.

Dom-Spano God Guns & Guts

Dom Spano.

Alex Pilon GGG © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

Alex with a copy of God, Guns & Guts on the M41 tank.

Alex Dead Mans Hand © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

Alex inside John’s Aces & Eights truck.

Alex & Friend © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

Evan Marcy and Alex.

AK blast © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

Douglas Wood.

Mike Garcia2 © Ben Philippi God Guns & Guts

Mike Garcia.

Refuse to Disarm © Ben Philippi  God Guns & GutsRefuse to disarm.

GOD, GUNS & GUTS: portraits of America’s 21st century gun owners

Spud from God, Guns & Guts Book

Spud from God, Guns & Guts Book

Over four years, covering countless states and even more miles, journalist and photographer Ben Philippi toured America in search of the millions of legal gun owners who, everyday, proudly defend their constitutional right to bear arms. The resulting collection of photographs, God, Guns and Guts, is now in your hands: a hundred and forty four beautiful and intriguing images of freedom loving American gun owners.

Excited by how “limitless freedom can be when every man and woman is afforded their right to arm and protect themselves” Philippi has nevertheless sought to produce a collection of photographs both unbiased and true to the diverse social fabric of American gun owners today. Setting out “to make as beautiful an image as possible, and to let the subject express themselves through a short quote” it remained important to him to represent “in colorful and celebratory terms, a culture often portrayed as controversial and negative by the mainstream media”.

Set between photographs of the inspirational landscapes through which he traveled, Philippi has collated the results of his encounters into this remarkable book, a body of work that mirrors the exceptional beauty, pride and singularity of this great country itself.

See more at http://godgunsgutsbook.com